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4 Key Principles of Flexible Dieting!

The goal of flexible dieting is to turn your diet into a lifestyle rather than a quick fix. Many of my clients are ready to make drastic changes but don’t realize that slow and steady will win the race when it comes to dieting.

1️⃣How much you eat is more important than what you eat. Knowing how to manipulate your calories to meet your goals (losing weight, gaining weight, or maintaining) and understanding how to manipulate protein, fats, and carbs to enhance your body’s composition will ultimately lead you to successfully gaining control of your body’s physique.

2️⃣You should eat food you ENJOY. Most clients I work with assume they have to have a super restrictive diet in order to be successful. That is NOT the case. Restrictive diets can lead to binging on foods that were restricted later on. Which can have a reverse effect on your goals. Although during flexible dieting you can have things you enjoy, that doesn’t mean that you ALWAYS eat highly processed foods! It’s all about balance!

3️⃣The majority of your calories should be nutritious. There is more to food than just calories and macros. Although it is absolutely okay to add in foods that you enjoy (I love sweets!), it is also important to have a majority of your calories come from nutritious sources. Yes, all foods have macronutrients, most also have micronutrients that are also highly important to support your body’s functioning. I’ll touch base on that another day.

4️⃣You should eat on a schedule that works for YOU. How many meals a day should I have? Should I eat every 4 hours? Should I do intermittent fasting? I get asked those questions from many of my clients when I first take them on. Yes there can be some benefits from eating certain meals at certain times before working out or after working out. But in all honesty it doesn’t matter to most individuals as much as sticking to your daily numbers.

The best thing about flexible dieting is that it is…FLEXIBLE!

If you want to know more about flexible dieting and/or are interested in 1-1 fitness and nutrition coaching schedule a FREE consultation with me on either the home page or the contact page!

I would love to help you turn your diet into a lifestyle!

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