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5 Ways to Push Yourself Harder at Home

5 Ways to Push Yourself Harder at Home (Or at the Gym)

For some it is hard to make it to the gym. Others may not feel comfortable going to them gym yet. Others may just prefer to workout at home because of convenience (like me).

Most people have a pretty basic home gym. They might have some weights, bands, and maybe a cardio machine. Limited equipment can make it hard to push ourselves and continue to get stronger.

However, there are ways to continue to push yourself while working out at home!

You can obviously push yourself by going up in weight but what do you do when you don’t have any weights to go up in?

Here are 5 ways to push yourself harder at home!

1: Add a tempo

Add in tempo. Tempo is time under tension, and can help those muscles grow without a lot of weight! Slow eccentric movement with a quick release can be added to almost any movement. For squats, this would be going with gravity in the downward portion of the movement.

2: Add a pause

Add in a pause. This allows for more time under tension. Which again, helps those muscles grow without a lot of weight. This helps to isometrically build and stabilize. This helps to build strength in the paused portion of the squat.

3: Add a weight

Running out of weights? Try adding in extra things you have around the house! A Water jug, a pack of water, a box full of stuff, or a backpack of books.

4: Add a band

Bands do not need to be added to everything but they can help increase the intensity of your exercises. Keep tension on the band by driving your knees out while squatting and you will definitely feel it!

5: Add a deficit

Add in a deficit. This will increase your range of motion. The better range of motion we have, the better those muscles will work. Reverse lunges are a great way to add in range of motion.

You should always be pushing yourself during our workouts and making the most out of your time.

Let me know if you workout at home!


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