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Tip Tuesday: Calories in Halloween Candy

Have you ever seen posts that read: “It takes one hour of running to burn off a KitKat?”?!

This idea creates a toxic relationship with food. Food is not supposed to be considered toxic to your body! Food is energy! It is a staple to being alive!

This way of thinking can lead to disordered eating! You DO NOT need to workout just to eat a Snickers, or workout because you ate a Twix! You DO NOT have to earn your food!!

That is why I believe in the power of counting your macros! You can eat a treat or candy and LOSE weight! 🤷🏼‍♀️

Halloween happens once a year! 🎃 Enjoy the day, but be mindful of your decisions. Own those decisions and move on. Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty!!

And please do not restrict yourself extra come Tuesday because you enjoyed Halloween 👻


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