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If your diet worked so well, why did you stop?

If your diet worked so well last time, why did you stop?

If you couldn't sustain it, why are you going back to it, and saying that it worked so well?

Do you see a pattern?

If a diet isn't sustainable, you will most likely eventually end up right back to where you started.

If it worked so well, why did you stop? Seriously, that's my question for you.

I'm guessing that you probably lost some weight at first, but then it became harder to lose and even harder to stick with what you were doing.

Does this sound familiar?

My question is, why do you think this time will be different? The greatest diet in the world is only great if you can stick to it long term.

Instead of finding diets that are aggressive, temporary, and restrictive find a something that you can see fitting sustainably into your lifestyle.

If you are ready to start working towards finding something that works for you, Ditch the Diet, Get Your Results!


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