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Not Taking Action is a Decision

Not Taking Action is a Decision

How often do you think about making changes and diving into those health & fitness goals you have been thinking of?⁣

With summer approaching, you're likely thinking about it more than ever.

Those thoughts might sound like. . .

“I should really start that workout program.”⁣

"I want to start eating healthier."

"I should start drinking more water."

"I really need to prioritize sleep!"

“I just need to find the right workout and nutrition program. Then I’ll get started.”⁣

“Maybe I should finally hire a coach to help me get started.”⁣

Although it is not obvious, a decision IS being made with those thoughts.

Not Taking Action is a Decision

By NOT making a decision on what steps to take next, you ARE deciding not to take action.

It does feel GOOD to think about all the things you could do, changes you could make, and actions you might take to reach your goals.⁣ BUT if you just think those thoughts you are not going to reach your goals!

Just think about the progress you COULD be making towards your goals if you decided to take action!

Are you ready to make a different decision?⁣ What are you going to differently this time?

What’s one thing you can take action on this week? Commit and comment below!


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