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Tip Tuesday: 4 Things Not To Say While Heading Into 2023

4 Things Not To Say While Heading Into 2023

Here are 4 things you do not need to say heading into 2023!

First, please, do not set a deadline to weigh a certain amount by. This can instantly set you up for failure. Instead, set consistency based goals. For example, “I will be 80% consistent with my calories and workouts for the month of January”. Simple as that.

Second, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, stop going back to the restrictive and unsustainable diets because they “worked” last time. No, they didn’t work. If they did work, you wouldn’t need to go back to them!

Third, you do NOT need to be doing cardio 7x a week in order to burn calories! You will get burnt out and not burn enough calories to see progress. Let your nutrition guide fat loss (in other words, be in a calorie deficit). Strength train 3-4x per week and add in cardio as a supplement to your health. Not to burn calories for fat loss.

Lastly, please don’t do some detox! Your body has everything it needs to detox yourself. That is what your kidney and liver are for! Those teas just wreck your booty for a few days. That’s it.


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