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Tip Tuesday: 4 Tips for Eating at the Fair

I'm back with another Tip Tuesday! You can check out my other tips here.

It's the summer and you know what that means: It's fair time (or other outdoor events)!

Enjoying yourself but also staying on track can feel overwhelming when it comes to eating and drinking at the fair.

Here are a few tips that you can follow in order to help you stay (mostly) on track but also enjoy your time at the fair!

4 Ways to Stay (Mostly) on Track When Eating and Drinking at the Fair:

1. Drink Lots of Water/ Don't Drink Your Calories

Bring a water bottle and fill it up! Most fairs or outdoor events have drinking fountains that allow you to fill up throughout the day. Bringing your own water bottle can also help you to save money and stay hydrated!

Drinking water helps you stay full and avoid extra calories. Water also helps you stay energized, so you can continue to enjoy your time while at the fair!

Sometimes drinking only water may not sound great when there are plenty of "fun" drinks to try. That is why it is important to remember that many those "fun" drinks have calories. Drinking and eating lots of foods at the fair will add up quickly. You can avoid some of those extra calories by avoiding drinking your calories.

Water isn't your thing? Try diet sodas, coffee, iced coffee, and/or unsweetened teas.

2. Make a Food Wish List

One thing that helps me prepare for a fair or outdoor event is creating a list of what I want to try when I get there. Knowing what foods will be there ahead of time isn't always an option. If I don't know what foods will be there I make sure I take a lap around (get in some extra steps) and make note of what food vendors have before making my final choices of what I want to eat/drink.

Here's my wish list for the upcoming Great Minnesota Get Together! You can check out the new foods and make your wishlist here.

3. Eat Before You Go

Not exactly going to the fair for the food? Maybe you are just there to socialize. Try eating before you go so you are satisfied when you get there. Having a healthy snack/ meal before you go can ease your appetite and will help you be less tempted by larger portions.

4. Share

Here's my favorite tip!

If you are going with friends or family, find foods that each of you want to try and share! This allows you to get a taste of the foods you want to try without consuming all of the calories alone! It’s pretty simple math: one-fourth/one-half of a calorie-dense treat is better than a whole calorie-dense treat.

I do this almost every time I attend the Minnesota State Fair! Each year they come out with new foods and drinks that I want to try soooo bad! It's helpful to go with family and friends who want to try those same foods and drinks so you can share them!

I really hope these tips are helpful! Which tip did you find most helpful?

What tip do you find most helpful?

  • Tip 1

  • Tip 2

  • Tip 3

  • Tip 4

You can still attend a fair or another outdoor event without completely ruining your progress! I hope these tips will help you stay (mostly) on track.

This is also a reminder that you DO NOT need to do extra cardio when you get home or starve yourself tomorrow! Just get back on track and keep pushing!

Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out on other Tip Tuesdays! Check out my newest "series" of posts This or That Thursdays starting this Thursday! This week I will be building off of the fair theme!


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