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Tip Tuesday: 5 Ways to Get in Enough Protein

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

I've decided to start a Tip Tuesday series this summer! The first tip is: 5 Ways to Get in Enough Protein!

Many of my clients (especially women) struggle to eat enough protein!

Importance of Protein

Protein is vitally important because they are the building block of bones, muscles, and cartilage. In addition, your hair, skin, and nails are comprised mostly of protein. So protein is important to have healthy hair, skin, and nails! Protein also helps to build and repair tissue within the body. Protein aids in digestion. Protein helps to supply your entire body with the nutrients it needs by carrying oxygen throughout your body. Another reason protein is important is that it helps to regulate your hormones. This is super important for children, teens, and pregnant women.

Protein consumption is slightly different for everyone but I recommend between 10% and 35% of your daily calorie consumption.

What does this look like? Currently I am sitting at maintenance calories which for me are 2038. I consume about 122 grams of protein per day, this is roughly 23% of my maintenance calories. When I cut I keep protein the same and reduce, carbs and fats. This allows for weight loss but not as much muscle loss.

5 Ways to Get in Enough Protein

1. Eat Protein with EVERY Meal

One way to get in enough protein is to include protein in every meal you eat. I typically have 4 meals per day so my goal is to have at least 25 grams of protein per meal.

2. Find a Protein source you love

There are so many different source of protein! I will make a blog post about my favorites in the future! Here are a few of my favorites: chicken breast, greek yogurt, egg whites, cottage cheese, lean beef jerky, quest protein chips, protein shakes, and protein bars.

3. Add Protein to Your Snacks

If you are a snacker, make sure you are eating protein with your snacks! This could be with a handful of nuts, peanut butter, cheese, deli meat, etc.

My favorite protein snacks are Built Protein Bars (Get 15% off) and Quest Protein Chips (my favorite are barbecue).

4. Drink Your Protein

It's okay to drink your protein! If you are behind on protein it is okay to get your protein in from protein shakes! I love the protein from RedCon1 (Save money by clicking the link). I also love the Pro Series Knockout Chocolate from Muscle Milk, it has 40 grams of protein!

5. Choose Leaner Meats

Choosing leaner meats can help you get in enough protein without adding in extra fats and carbs.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Chicken Breast: 43 grams of protein for about 140 grams

Tilapia: 23 grams of protein for about 87 grams

Shrimp: 24 grams of protein for about 100 grams

Tuna: 43 grams of protein for about 154 grams

Ground Turkey: 22 grams of protein for about 83 grams

Do you struggle to eat enough protein?

  • Yes

  • No

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