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Tip Tuesday: 5 Ways to Make a Calorie Deficit Easier!

Here are 5 ways to make a calorie deficit easier:

5 Ways to Make a Calorie Deficit Easier:

1. Cut Out Excess Liquid Calories

An easy way to cut out excess calories is to limit alcohol, starbucks coffee, and/or “healthy” greens smoothies. I prefer to not drink my calories.

As a reminder alcohol has 7 calories per gram, it adds up quickly.

Swap out those calorie dense options for 0 calorie or lower calorie options. Diet sodas, water, or black coffee.

2. Decrease Portion Sizes

Another way to decrease calorie intake is to decrease portion size.

This is can be one of the easiest ways! If you normally eat 3 slices of pizza, eat 2. If you have a 2 scoops of ice cream have only 1. Or if you have 2 handfuls of chips, have just one. It's a pretty simple way to decrease calories.

3. Eat Leaner Cuts of Meats

The next way to make a calorie deficit easier is to simply eat leaner cuts of meat.

Instead of buying 80/20 ground beef, try 96/4. That can drastically change the calorie amount because you are reduces the amount of fat content.

Or choose leaner cuts of protein such as, chicken breasts instead of chicken thighs.

Check out the list of lean proteins on this Tip Tuesday.

4. Have a Piece of Fruit Before you Snack

One way to make a calorie deficit easier is to have 1 piece of fruit before any of your snack foods.

This will help fill you up more and lead you to eat less of the snack food. It will also help you be more mindful of if you are actually hungry or just eating to eat (I'm very guilty of this).

5. Eat Off of a Plate

Lastly, eat all of your food off of a plate. This seems pretty obvious, but how many times have you grabbed a handful of chips and walked around aimlessly snacking?

Walking around and eating, can lead to mindlessly eating and we want to be mindful.

Calorie deficits don't have to suck!

I hope these tips help! These are a few ways to easily create a calorie deficit without completely changing your life! Calorie deficits don't have to suck!

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