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Tip Tuesday: Carbon Diet Coach vs. MyFitnessPal

Deciding between Carbon Diet Coach and MyFitnessPal

If you are ready to start tracking your macronutrients it can be hard to decide which app to use. There are hundreds of apps to choose from. Some apps are free and others are paid.

When I first started tracking my macros I used MyFitnessPal. The app was good and got the job done. Plus it was free! Unfortunately, the free app has changed and not for the better.

Recently, MyFitnessPal took away the free barcode scanner in it's free version of the app. The ease of use for the app is no longer very user-friendly. The barcode scanner is now only available with the premium membership which is $20/month.

A few years ago I learned about an app called Carbon Diet Coach. It is similar to MyFitnessPal, but in my opinion Carbon is far superior in many ways.

Carbon Diet Coach is just that, it is an app that coaches you to your goals. When you set your goal whether it be maintenance, gain weight, or lose weight, the app adjusts your macros based on your compliance.

My Favorite Features of Carbon Diet Coach:

  • very user-friendly

  • large food database

  • barcode scanner

  • easy to add in recipes, and other foods not in the database

  • weekly check-ins (macros change weekly based on your compliance)

Downfalls of Carbon Diet Coach:

Unfortunately, Carbon is not a free app, but it is worth every penny. I have used to with every diet phase I have been in (lose weight, gain weight, and maintenance). For $10/month you have an app that coaches you on your macros, just like a nutrition coach would!

It's worth every penny.

If you are looking for a food and workout app., this app is not for you. This is strictly for your diet. It does not provide you with a meal plan, but rather your macros to use with flexible dieting.

The MyFitnessPal premium membership, does offer macro tracking, but the app does not adjust the calories based on your compliance. So in all reality, you might be taking way longer to reach your goal.

A perk of the premium MyFitnessPal membership is that it does offer recipes and workout ideas, however for me Carbon Diet Coach is what I am looking for.


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