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Tip Tuesday: Don't Get Caught Up In The Number On The Scale

Don't Get Caught Up In The Number On The Scale

The scale is a important tool to measure progress. It is the most objective piece of data we have regarding our progress. It is not prone to as much error as body fat measurement and therefore, it's important that we use it as part of our data when looking at our progress.⁠

With that being said, too many people get caught up in day-to-day weight fluctuations on the scale. This can often lead people to weigh in less often. For example, let's take someone who is 175 lbs and is in a fat loss phase. Let's say their weight was the following:⁠

Day 1 - 175⁠

Day 2 - 174.2⁠

Day 3 - 173.5⁠

Day 4 - 173.8

Day 5 - 174

Day 6 - 172.8⁠

Day 7 - 175.5⁠

This is EXTREMELY NORMAL weight fluctuation! If this person only weighed in on their check-in day, they would assume that things are not working. But in reality, this person's average weight was 174.1. Their average weight went down almost a full pound! But since they didn't weigh in daily, they wouldn't know this and would assume that their plan isn't working.

Trust the process, don't freak out over a bad weigh-in! Keep doing the work and being consistent.⁠ You will get there.


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