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Tip Tuesday: Good vs. Bad Foods

Good vs. Bad Foods

There are no foods that are inherently “bad”, just like there are no foods that are inherently “good”.⁠

Yes, I mean that.

There are NO “bad” foods!

Do you find yourself dismissing foods because you label them as “bad”? Do you find yourself eating the same foods because you label them as “good”?⁠

Instead you should start looking at foods from a different perspective. Some foods are calorie dense and some are not.⁣ Some foods are nutrient dense and some are not. ⁣⁠


Instead, of labeling foods "good" or "bad", consider the following:

  • Can I eat this and still hot my protein goal?

  • What macros will this food provide me?⁠

  • Am I going to be hungry after eating this food and “spend” most of my daily carbs/fats on this food?⁣⁠

  • Have I had many fruits/vegetables today?⁣⁠

  • Does this food upset my stomach?⁣⁠

  • Do I actually like this food?

  • Are there alternatives that I actually enjoy?⁠


Foods are not "good" or "bad".

You never have to "earn" your food or "work it off" after you have enjoyed it.


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