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Tip Tuesday: Overcoming Scale Anxiety

It's Tuesday, so you know what that means, Tip Tuesday! You can check out my other tips here.

Overcoming Scale Anxiety

Scale anxiety can be a real issue. While losing weight or at anytime. Scale anxiety can often come with lowered self-esteem, increased anxiety, and negative body images. However, there are several benefits that come with weighing in long term.

Unfortunately, for many, the number on the scale has been attached to personal value. This is due to decades of shame and stigma related to body type, weight, and size. Just remember that. . .

YOU are Enough!

No matter what the scale or your body composition looks like! You are enough!

Changes on the Scale

Changes on the scale does not always mean that you are not making progress. When a scale goes up during fat loss, this can mean several things. This may be due to changes in your sodium, fiber, and/or water intake. All of these may mask fat loss.

Many things can affect weight. Just because you aren't seeing drastic progress doesn't mean you are doing things the wrong way. Think of weigh-ins as a tool and helpful information. The data can help guide you in the right direction for your goals.

Changing your Mindset

So instead of never using the scale, try changing your mindset about the scale, because there are several benefits.

Benefit #1

The scale can act as reinforcement tool letting you know that your daily habits are working. In turn, building trust and an improved relationship with the scale.

Benefit #2

Studies have shown that self-weighing is one of the most common behaviors among those who have maintained long term weight loss.

Benefit #3

It can be empowering, which can reduce anxiety and remove the fear of the unknown.

Please remember that changes do not happen overnight. If you go in to things thinking that you will lose 25 pounds over night you are going to set yourself up for failure.

Just as changes to your body do not happen overnight, neither does your mindset. Scale anxiety will not go away overnight. It's a marathon not a sprint. Over time, your perspective will change. Start with weighing yourself weekly. Choose a day that you are feeling good. Gradually begin to increase the frequency as you build confidence.

The scale does not reflect your worth, it is simply a tool.

YOU are Enough!

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