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Tip Tuesday: The Best Time of Day To Have Carbs

When is the best time of day to eat carbs?

The 3 Best Times to Eat Carbs:

1. Before Your Workout

Eating carbs before a workout is a great idea because carbs are our bodies main source of energy!

You have probably heard of runners or other endurance athletes "carb-load" before races or long events. Those athletes are adding in extra carbs, so their body has enough energy to get through the race or event.

If you give your body its main source of energy about 30-90 minutes before your workout, you will go into your workout with more energy. Thus, having better performance. In turn, this leads to building more strength, more muscles, and pushing harder.

2. After Your Workout

Eating carbs after your workout is also a great option.

Eating carbs after your workout helps to replenish the carbs that you burned during your workout. This helps to start the muscles repair process. This allows your body to put nutrients back into your muscles to start the adaptation cycle that helps to change your body.

3. Whenever You Want!

Let's be honest! The best time for carbs is any time, because carbs are NOT bad for you! Like I mentioned earlier, they are our bodies main source of energy!

Carbs do not the enemy and they do NOT make you fat! The only way carbs make you fat is when you eat a surplus of calories.

You can have carbs pre-workout, post-workout, or throughout the day! Just make sure you are sticking to the overall calories and macros you need for the day.

Carbs are NOT BAD!

Stop listening to people who say they are! They are part of a balanced diet!

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